photos as unique as you are.

photos are the time capsule's to many important events and points in people's lives. all should have the opportunity to have quality photos they can share to others and cherish for a lifetime. i love giving that to others and to provide my clients with a variety of quality images that reflect who they are and have something they're happy to show their friends and family and cherish.

what makes me qualified to be 

your pHOTographer?

1. I've been a photographer for five 

years and have been improving on my

photos more and more everyday!

2. I have a variety of locations and ideas

for use;  we can talk over what works

best for you.​

3. I'm very open to talking things over

and figuring out how to work together to

take the best portraits possible.

I'm in!

what's next?

1. Sign the contact form below or contact me through my social media! Please leave your name, number, and an idea of what kinda photoshoot you're interested in doing (Portraits, Senior Photos, Weddings, Family Portraits, Events, etc.)

2. I'll contact you as soon as I can and we can start planning a price, date, locations, and outfits for the shoot!

3. After having the shoot, you'll have your photos in a few weeks (depending on the type of shoot.) I'll send the unedited photos and you choose your favorite photos that I'll happily edit.


Other shoots prices are negotiated one-on-one but for portraits, I do $100 for one fit & location, $200 for two fits & locations, and $300 for 3 fits & locations with no extra fees. 

At the end of the day, my goal is to share my art with you and everyone's happy at the end of the day. All I ask is the following:


1. I have your trust to put things into place and give the time I need to work on any photoshoots.


2. I can get a ride with you to get to each location on the day of the shoot and get the payment that day.


3. Be understanding of timing due to having to balance photography with school and work.


4. I can use photos to on social media and my website as apart of my portfolio as long as both sides approve of it. 

 Contact ME! 

I hope that this was able to answer the majority of your questions and concerns! If you are interested in doing any other type of photoshoot, please lmk and I'm happy to talk that out. Overall, I look forward to hearing from you and to make some art together!